Pilot to Pilot podcast ep 28 ft Greg Mink Business Aviation and former F16 pilot.

What is going on avination, this week I am talking with Greg Mink. You might know Greg by his Youtube name Premier 1 Driver. Greg is former Air National Guard F16 pilot and current Beechcraft Premier pilot.

In this episode Greg and I talk about.

  • How Greg’s dad got him into aviation
  • How struggling to taxi a 172 made Greg wonder if he would ever be able to master flying.
  • How Greg and his dad did their training together.
  • How there was a competition between him and his dad on who could finish their training first.
  • Greg was flying before he could drive himself to the airport.
  • How he had to wait until he was 17 before he could take his PPL check ride.
  • How he built time and experience before taking his PPL.
  • How 75 nautical mile cross countries used to feel like long flights.
  • Some reasons why I chose aerial survey.
  • What he struggled with in his training.
  • How you learn from other pilots mistakes.
  • How no one will second guess safety.
  • What it is like going form an arrow to a HP multi.
  • How he graduated high school with his instrument rating.
  • How we both thought we were hot stuff flying a Seneca.
  • You have to enjoy the moment that you are in.
  • Why Greg really enjoyed Instrument flying.
  • Why he recommends anyone he talks with to get their instrument rating.
  • Why it is important to not only get your IFR rating but also maintain proficiency.
  • What was next in his training.
  • How Top Gun pushed Greg towards the air national guard.
  • What the air national guard training was like.
  • How they treated him like a brand new pilot.
  • We go into detail about his training and life in the National Guard.
  • I ask Greg what flying the F16 is like.
  • What it is like to be 24 years old and fly an F16.
  • We talk about his favorite F16 stories.
  • What it is like going from an F16 to a C 210.
  • Why he got out of the Air national guard.
  • Why Greg chose the business world over airlines.
  • What it is like to fly low altitudes at high speeds with night vision goggles on.
  • What business aviation was like.
  • What to look for when buying a plane.
  • The different planes he has owned and flown.
  • We find out what an MU2 salute is.
  • Why they chose the Beechcraft premier.
  • Why business aviation is important for companies.
  • Why he created premier1driver.
  • What the goal of premier 1 driver is.

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