Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 35 FT: Ryan Tseko: Gulfstream Pilot.

What is going on avination and welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast. In this episode I am talking with Ryan Tskeo. Ryan has previously flown as a flight instructor, regional pilot and is currently flying Grant Cardone’s private plane.

In this episode Grant and I talk about.

How a family member got him into aviation.
We find out how Aviation and Real Estate change his life.
How Ryan was told he can’t become a pilot because he didn’t come from a rich family.
How he went from part 61 to part 141 and why he did his training that way.
How your training can depend on how good of an instructor you have.
How Ryan failed his private pilot check ride.
Why it is important to take aviation very serious if you want to be successful in the industry.
Why it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people to help your career out.
How Ryan went from Regional first officer to Training captain.
Why it is important to love learning.
How it is very crucial for you to find a mentor to help you navigate through this career.
What it is like being struck by lightning in an airplane.
We talk about if Ryan prefers to fly a variety of the same aircraft or just one airplane all the time.
Why Ryan wanted to be more than just a pilot for his regional.
Why Ryan got into real estate.
How to land your dream corporate job.
Start your training as early as possible.
How you will be underpaid until you are overpaid.
How Ryan was able to fly Neil Armstrong.
Ryan gives advice on what to do when you get 1500 hours.
Find out how you can add value to a company you want to work for.
In the corporate world, you have to be more than a pilot.
How Ryan started sweeping floors in Falcon Field.
At the end of the day, we have a really cool career.
How flying for Grant Cardone doesn’t happen overnight. Ryan worked hard and kept a good attitude.
What Ryan has learned from Grant.
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