Pilot to Pilot podcast ep 30 ft Dean Siracusa: CEO Flying Eyes Sunglasses.

What is going on avination, today I am talking with the founder and CEO of Flying Eyes Sunglasses Dean Siracusa.

In this episode we talk about.

  • How he turned a fear of flying into a passion for flying.
  • What an Airline Pilot told Dean to help him combat his fear of flying.
  • What he wanted to get out of his first few lessons.
  • What scared him about flying.
  • Why he was timid about stalls.
  • What he did to combat those fears.
  • How aerobatic lessons fixed his fear of stalls.
  • How you can think of turbulence as cars going over potholes.
  • How turbulence always seems worse in IFR than VFR.
  • I share some details into my engine failure.
  • How cleaning magnetos can seem odd to a new pilot.
  • What it was like to learn how to fly in Southern California.
  • How learning in a busy airspace helped Dean get over mic fright.
  • What it is like flying a piston airplane in big Bravo airports.
  • Materials he used to study.
  • What it was like being a professional photographer and flight student at the same time.
  • How it is okay if it takes you a long time to get your ratings.
  • Why it is importing to get your IFR rating.
  • Why an Autopilot can become your best friend in IMC.
  • What Dean thought about his IFR training.
  • What his hardest check ride was.
  • Dean tells some stories from his check ride.
  • Dean shares some scary flights that he has had.
  • Why it is important to learn from your mistakes.
  • Why Dean created Flying Eyes.

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