Pilot to Pilot podcast ep 29 ft Steve from Aztrooper: State Trooper to Airline Pilot.

What is going on Avination,

Today, I am talking with Steve from AZ Trooper. Steve has one of the craziest and coolest stories in aviation. He went from being an airline pilot at 20 to furloughed at 22 to state trooper and now Steve is flying for his dream airline!

Some other things we talk about in this episode.

  • How his parents punished Steve by taking away his flight simulator.
  • How Steve started training when he was 12.
  • Solo on his 16th birthday.
  • Why Steve chose the airlines over a 4-year degree.
  • How Steve got a job with a regional at 20 years old.
  • How he was furloughed by age 22.
  • Jobs Steve flew after being furloughed.
  • How he had 3 emergencies in 4 months.
  • How Steve’s buddy told him to quit flying and become a State Trooper.
  • Why Steve made the jump from flying to a state trooper.
  • Steve shares what it was like being a State Trooper.
  • How he knew he wanted to get back into flying. He just didn’t know when.
  • Steve tells one of his favorite stories of being a State Trooper.
  • What it was like to fly some elite special ops troops as a civilian.
  • What he was doing when found out he got an interview at the airline.
  • How one of the hardest things Steve had to do was leaving his job as a state trooper.
  • My only interaction with Virgin America.
  • What Virgin American looks for when hiring.
  • What it is like flying an Airbus.
  • We talk what has changed since Alaska merged with Virgin America
  • What the growing pains are like when two airlines merge.
  • How Steve took a $10,000 pay raise to go from regionals to a state trooper.
  • Would Steve of done anything differently?
  • How it is nearly impossible to plan your route in this industry.
  • How Steve still keeps up with his first flight instructor.
  • What Steve uses his Instagram page for.

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