Jim Krecek: Aeronautical Engineer & Private Pilot


What is going on Avination, this week I am talking with Jim Krecek. Jim is an Aeronautical engineer and current Private Pilot.

In this episode Jim and I talk about.

  • How Jim is the first pilot in his family.
  • How flight simulator helped Jim decide to get his pilots license.
  • How Jim’s competitive drive fueled him to get his license done as fast as possible.
  • What it is like being a Collegiate athlete and flying at the same time.
  • How it is very easy to find information on how to become a pilot.
  • Why Jim put off his training.
  • How Jim took his PPL check-ride in 51 hours.
  • What it was like to be the fastest student to solo at his flight school.
  • Talk about what it is like being student-athlete and pilot at the same time.
  • Why Jim felt comfortable to solo in such a short time.
  • What his solo was like.
  • I share a story from my first solo.
  • What the hardest part of Jim’s training was.
  • How you learn from your mistakes.
  • I talk about a 135 Single pilot IFR story.
  • How aviation is all about how you handle adversity.
  • How he prepared for his PPL Check-ride.
  • Why it is important to show airmanship on your check-rides.
  • We talk about what it is like to be an Aeronautical engineer.
  • How you don’t have to be a pilot to be in aviation
  • There are a ton of jobs in the aviation industry
  • Make sure you can get a first class medical before you spend thousands of dollars on your training.
  • Why we both love flying over Chicago.

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