Avination, welcome to the first ever Pilot to Pilot gift guide. These are just some of the things that you will need as a pilot. If you want to add anything to the list, let me know via email pilottopilothq@gmail.com.

*Disclaimer – Some of the links below are affiliate links. Do know, that they are at no extra cost to you and if you choose to buy through the link I will receive a commission. Which will help me continue to create fire podcasts!*

Bose A20

The number one aviation product I recommend to anyone is a Bose A20 headset. If you want to be a professional pilot I recommend saving up to buy this headset, it is a gamechanger.

If you aren’t a Bose fan you can always check out LightSpeed.

David Clark

If you are looking for a headset and don’t want to spend premium $$$ then check out David Clark. I used a David Clark headset all the way up to my first aviation job. It was a great headset for the money.

Other option for your first headset ASA.

iPad mini 4

This is also an aviation must have. The iPad has revolutionized and modernized aviation, if you don’t have an iPad then you’re doing aviation wrong.

Other options… There are no other options buy the iPad.


There is no reason to buying an iPad unless you pair it with a subscription to ForeFlight. Using ForeFlight makes you wonder how pilots used to operate in the past.

Another app to check out is Garmin Pilot.

Scout ADS-B

The cheapest and easiest way to getting XM weather and traffic updates on your iPad (aside from creating your own).

If you are not balling on a budget then you could go with Stratus 2s.

Knee Board

Being organized while flying is key to a safe flight, one way you can accomplish this is with a kneeboard. This will keep your iPad securely on your leg and give you all the accessories you will need for your flight.

For all non-iPad users here is a kneeboard trifold.

Logten Pro X(click link for discount)

I can tell you from experience that the sooner you start an electronic logbook the better. Don’t be the 2,000-hour pilot that decides to make the switch, it is not enjoyable. But, what is enjoyable? Being able to hit “Fly Now” and “Stop” and having your flight automatically logged for you. #Magic

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2018 FAR AIM

If you are just beginning the process of becoming a pilot then this will be your new best friend. A shiny, brand spanking new edition of FAR AIM. I prefer a physical copy, this way I can highlight, doggy tag, or write down anything that will help me remember the regs.

Digital FAR AIM

Written Prep books

If you are studying for your private pilot written test there is no better resource than the ASA prep book.

Once you further your training I would recommend Sheppard Air for all your written tests.

Checkride Oral Prep

This book will help you prepare for pretty much any question your examiner will ask you.

There are also great resources on youtube to help you prepare for your check-ride.

Other Books

Airplane Flying Handbook – a great resource to help further your aviation knowledge.

Instrument Flying Handbook

Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot – My personal favorite book!

Jeppesen Private Pilot Textbook

Flight Bag

Now that you have all these awesome resources you’re going to need a place to keep them. You have many options like the Flight Gear HP Crosswind Bag or the Flight Gear HP iPad Bag.

But, I personally recommend your favorite Bookbag. For me, that is the North Face Router Book Bag. This bag lets me take my computer, chargers, a few days worth of clothes and all the books to keep my aviation knowledge sharp.


Every pilot needs a great flashlight. When buying make sure you get one with a red light!

Other Miscellaneous things you might want/need

AA batteries – You never know when your Bose will run out of juice.

External Battery for iPad/Phone – This way you will never have to worry about running out of battery.

Jet Fuel for pilots AKA Coffee – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Especially when you wake up at 3 am for a flight. Coffe is a must for every pilot.

Things you don’t need but probably want

GoPro – I mean everyone wants to be the next Steveo or Pilot Vlogs right?

Dope Watch

What I wear – There is no better way to feel out of shape by your watch reminding you that you have been flying a plane all day. It is cool to see what my heart rate is doing in stressful flying conditions though.

What I want to wear – I mean who doesn’t want a flight computer on their wrist. Garmin if you’re reading this, hook a dude up!

Last but not least…

Pilot to Pilot Swag


Avination, let me know if you want anything else on the list!

Happy Flying,


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