What is going on avination, and welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast. This week I am talking with CFI Emily Meldrum.

In this episode, Emily and I talk about.

  • How her dads love for aviation helped get Emily into Aviation.
  • Why she joined Aviation Explorers in High School.
  • How an annual slowed down her private pilot training.
  • We talk about why my training took so long.
  • Why she switched flight schools.
  • Why she chose ATP.
  • How to choose a flight school.
  • She talks about what her ATP experience was like.
  • Why they didn’t transfer any of her previous time.
  • The “six-month program” took over a year.
  • How ATP works for a very certain type of person.
  • How you need to do your research on what flight school to choose.
  • How you can’t let anyone push you to take a check ride when you aren’t ready.
  • We talk about the differences between the two flight schools she attended.
  • What made flight training fun for Emily.
  • What Emily’s least favorite part of training was.
  • We talk about Emily’s training from Private to CFI.
  • Why ATP is not very forgiving.
  • How and Why ATP will kick you out if you can’t keep up.
  • How she had 4 different instructors during her instrument training.
  • How she never flew through a cloud until she was a flight instructor.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to fly in clouds.
  • Why Emily thinks the check rides are easier than the actual training.
  • What planes Emily flew while at ATP.
  • How they only gave her 8 hours to learn how to fly a multi-engine airplane.
  • What it is like training a foreign student.
  • Get to know everything and anything about ATP
  • Why she loved CFI training.
  • Why I hated my CFI training.
  • How your DE knows that you will make mistakes on your check rides.
  • How you can talk your way into trouble on a check ride.
  • Why she chose to become a CFI at CAE rather than ATP.
  • She tells her craziest CFI stories.
  • We talk about what it is like to be a woman in aviation.
  • We talk about how expensive it is to become a pilot.
  • Ways to make money while training.

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