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Today, I am talking with Logan Flood. Logan is a current regional airline captain, flying out of everyone’s favorite Laguardia airport. Logan has overcome an incredible amount of adversity and disabilities to get to where he is today. If you would like to read more about Logan and his accident check out this article “No One Would Ever Hire Me”

Some of the things we talk about in this episode are.

  • His dream was to be a starship cargo pilot.
  • Star Wars helped him find his love for aviation.
  • We talk about his hometown in Nebraska.
  • How he thought the only way to become a pilot was by going to the Air Force.
  • Talked about how Flight Sim helped Logan get familiar with flying.
  • How working at Sears led him to find out he can be a pilot with poor vision.
  • How his high school teacher got him an internship at a local FBO.
  • How he quit Sears as soon as he realized he could work at the airport.
  • How Logan chose what College to go to.
  • How he saved money in college.
  • Logan was renting airplanes for $50 with the instructor fee.
  • How he started his flying career.
  • How Logan’s connections helped him get his first job.
  • Why it is important to have a mentor in your career.
  • Why its all about networking.
  • How regionals used to require 2,000 TT.
  • We talk about how he built his time.
  • Logan goes into detail about what happened with his accident.
  • We talk about the extent of his injuries
  • How long it took him to recover.
  • How he was able to get his license back.
  • What it was like dealing with the FAA.
  • How he was able to help a paralyzed student reach his dream of becoming a pilot.
  • Why he thought he could never fly for the airlines.
  • How he overcomes his disability,
  • Why he wants to stay at Republic his whole career.
  • How Logan was able to stay positive in such a horrific accident.

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