What is going on Avination?!
Today, I am talking with FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker. Get to know more about Daniel and why he created one of my favorite aviation apps in FlightAware.
In today’s episode we talk about.
  • How FlightAware is used by everyone, not just avgeeks.
  • How It’s crazy to think there used to be a time where we didn’t track our flights.
  • Why he created FlightAware.
  • We talk about how FlightAware has grown.
  • What Daniel loves about aviation.
  • How the iPad has changed the aviation industry.
  • How one day you’ll need an endorsement for steam gauges.
  • The things FlightAware can do are amazing.
  • What it was like learning to fly in a class Charlie airport.
  • What frustrated him in his training.
  • Why flight schools should give you an accurate price for your training.
  • How easy it is to lose your instrument proficiency.
  • Why he loves Instrument flying.
  • How shiny jet syndrome is a real thing.
  • Why it is important to enjoy your flight training.
  • What it is like to fly in China.
  • Rapid Fire questions.
  • What Daniel truly loves about aviation.
  • Why you have to prepare yourself for every situation.
  • No matter how safe of a pilot you are there will always be a time you have to deal with a failure.
  • How and Why I use FlightAware.
  • Daniel answers the questions you have for him.
  • Why setting expectations are key in aviation.

Avination, thank you for listening to today’s episode. If you enjoyed it, please let me know! Email me at pilottopilothq@gmail.com or reach out on Instagram @pilottopilot.

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