Pilot to Pilot podcast ep 021 ft. Chris Palmer: CFI & Aviation Content Creator

What is going on Avination?!

Welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast, today I am talking with Chris Palmer. Chris is a current CFI in Alaska and also the host of the podcast Aviatorcast and creator of the Angle of Attack show on Youtube.

In today’s episode we talk about.

  • Why he got into aviation.
  • We talk about part 141 and part 61 schools.
  • Why it is important for everyone to know that 141 isn’t the only way to go.
  • Chris has a message for anyone thinking about becoming a CFI.
  • We talk about the 1500 hour rule.
  • How flight sim helped him become a better pilot.
  • Some Struggles he had in instrument training.
  • How he almost had to declare an emergency during an instrument flight due to ice.
  • We talk about when it all just clicked for his instrument training.
  • Why there is nothing wrong with a taking more training to be comfortable flying IFR.
  • How some instrument instructors haven’t flown in much actual.
  • Why it is important to fly in clouds when you are an instrument-rated pilot.
  • Chris gives you a little tip for instrument flying.
  • Why he had to take two years off from his instrument training.
  • Why his commercial training was his hardest training.
  • Why it is important to have fun.
  • Why you should embrace the tough situations.
  • How his CFI check ride was easy.
  • We talk about what his end game with aviation is.
  • Why he wants to be a forever CFI.

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